See contributing outcomes and initiatives in your dashboard
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We just added a toggle option in your dashboard to see outcomes and initiatives where you have been marked as a contributor.
In-app guides and resources
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You can now find a list of resources to help you set better goals and get the best out of Tability. Our guides cover:
  • Workspace setup and configuration
  • General OKRs knowledge
  • Best practices for goal-setting
  • Best practices for goal-tracking
  • How to use initiatives
Just click on the "Guides & resources" link at the bottom of the nav to see all the guides!
Fixed and improved
Happy 2023! We decided to start the year by polishing a bunch of things!
  • The presentation mode now opens in a new tab. That way you won't lose context if you decide to view the presentation mode from a listing.
  • Your last visited filter tab is now persisted. You'll go back to "outcomes" or "initiatives" just by clicking on the filters.
  • We improved the design of the notifications to make them easier to read.
  • Fixed the pagination of active outcomes in your dashboard.
New outcome panel layout + see completed tasks on progress chart
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We just made it 10x easier to close the feedback loop between outcomes and outputs!
You can now see when initiatives were completed on the progress chart, and monitor how completed work influenced the progression on your goals.
Other changes:
  • Progress charts are now much larger to help you see more details.
  • Initiatives now appear right under the latest check-in.
  • Outcomes without metrics now also have a progress chart helping you visualize changes from off-track to on-track.
Support for KPIs and other types of outcomes
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Setting goals is now much more flexible with the new options available. When creating an outcome, you can now chose one of the following:
  • Improvement:
    use this when you want to grow a metric from X to Y.
  • No metric:
    use this if your goal is not measurable (Tability will track confidence instead).
  • Stay above:
    use this when your goal is to stay above X.
  • Stay below:
    use this when your goal is to stay below Y.
  • KPI:
    use the KPI option for a goal that doesn't have a target.
Filter items by teams
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You can now find a "Teams" filter in the filter views to quickly isolate the items that are attached to specific teams.
How to use this:
  1. Attach a plan to a team
  2. Go to the filters
  3. Filter on the team!
Generate initiatives via AI
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2 weeks ago we added a goal-setting AI to Tability to let you generate goals automatically using an objective as a prompt.
Now, we've extended our GoalsGPT to allow you to generate initiatives for you goals. This is a simple way to quickly create a draft plan that you can work on with your team.
See a full demo video here.
Generate goals via AI
Screen Shot 2022-12-08 at 1
There's a new button in your editor that will allow you to generate goals automatically based on an objective, theme, or role.
Yes, it's using GPT-3 to turn your request into OKRs that you can track once you save your plan.
This makes Tability an excellent assistant that will suggest a plan that you can iterate on.
Add teams to Tability
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This was high on the top voted features list! You can now create teams in Tability, and then link your teams to plans and outcomes.
This will allow you to:
  • Filter plans by teams
  • Have dedicated team pages to see all the plans and people attached to a team.
  • Filter outcomes by teams.
Recent improvements
  • We've simplified the navigation on the left and grouped all listing items together.
  • The Inbox has been renamed to Dashboard for clarity.
  • We've redesigned the Dashboard to group all outcomes together.
  • Closing tasks is now snappier!
  • Tasks name are no longer truncated in the outcome panel view.
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