✨ Coaching AI in Tability
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We just added an AI Coach to Tability! You can now ask Tability to assess your progress and give you suggestions on what you can do to reach your goals faster.
How does it work?
All your outcomes now have a new Coaching tab where you can generate advice and suggestions.
Once you click on the "Generate" button, Tability will look at your goal and the existing check-ins to assess your progress and come up with a set of ideas to improve.
Views count for your check-ins
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Sometimes it's hard to tell if our updates are read by the team. We've just added a view count that will tell you how many people have clicked on your progress updates!
You can make views anonymous by changing the privacy settings of your workspace.
Recently improved and fixed
  • The mobile app now includes insights data for your dashboard and your plans.
  • You can now disable the AI integration from the privacy settings.
  • You can use the mobile app with workspaces that have single sign-on enabled. Sorry for the inconvenience caused before that 🙏
Create initiatives within from the timeline view
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We recently launched a timeline view for initiatives/tasks that allowed you to see the work planned for each goal in a plan.
You can now create new initiatives directly from the timeline view!
Get more context with sub-plans data
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You can now see all the sub-plans with their goals at the bottom of the outcome/key results view of your plan.
We used to have a tree with titles in the sidebar, but many of you have asked to see more details when looking at a plan – this is now possible!
Simpler alignment with parent preview
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Aligning OKRs is all about having the right context.
This means that you often need to refer back to the parent plan to make sure that your OKRs are contributing to the right goals.
This can easily results in having to constantly switch context to write you plan.
But not anymore!
You can now display an overview of your parent OKRs in edit mode. No more tab switching or needing to have a dual screen experience.
Just expand the parent overview to see the OKRs that you need to align with.
Prev/next button to cycle through outcomes
Screen Shot 2023-02-23 at 10
It was a bit annoying before to have to close and re-open outcome panels over and over when reviewing progress on goals.
Now you can easily cycle through the visible items with the previous and next buttons that are on each side of the title.
(Yes, we'll soon have keyboard shortcuts!)
Assign a weight 🏋️‍♀️ to your outcomes/KRs in Tability
Screen Shot 2023-02-23 at 10
You can now defined a weight for your outcomes and Key Results. You'll see a 2x or 3x label next to the outcomes that have a weight above 1x, and you'll also be able to filter by weight in the outcomes listing view.
Just go to the edit view of your outcomes to change the existing weight.
  • Weight only affect the progress calculation of plans and objectives for outcomes that have the "Improvement" type (as we can't apply calculation for other types).
Timeline for initiatives
Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 9
There's a new view switcher in the initiatives tab of your plan that allows you to display a weekly timeline for your initiatives.
You'll be able to move initiatives around to change their due date, and see how they line up during the quarter.
Tability for iOS
Tability for iOS is here! With our new mobile app you'll be able to keep your goals in your pocket, and do your check-ins from your phone.
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